MASSIVE ATTACK: Trump Just Signed Something That’ll Make Obama Hide His Face In Shame


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President Trump made a promise to the American people to cut down many of Obama’s expensive regulations, and to greatly reduce the number of new regulations coming from the White House.

President Trump was able to do this in part by telling his agencies that for every new regulation put into place, another two must be withdrawn.

The Washington Examiner reports on findings that show President Trump has been true to his word. They report that President Trump has reduced the production of new regulations by 92% compared to the averages under Obama and earlier administrations.

The data from the study was taken from on the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) recording of regulatory output from the cabinet.

Even more amazingly, compared with the first five months of previous administrations, the cost of new regulations has dropped from $33 million to $26 BILLION. That is HUGE savings for the tax payers- less than 1% of the costs under Obama and earlier presidencies.

The author of this study, the director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum Sam Batkins, calls these moves “historic.” His exact words are:

“By virtually any measure, dating back through two Democratic presidents and one Republican president, the lack of regulatory output is historic.”

That’s my president! As a businessman, Donald Trump understands how costly and burdensome regulations can be for businesses and consumers. I love having a president that keeps his promises!

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